The Role and Rewards of an Outsourced CFO

The role of a chief financial officer (CFO) is complex, but basically their job is to advise on the financial performance of a company including its reporting, liquidity and return on investment.


A fractional CFO is a fully qualified and proficient finance professional who brings extensive expertise to a company on a part-time basis, without the cost of a full-time CFO.

Fractional or Outsourced CFOs assist companies in overcoming different financial challenges, from navigating a crisis to optimizing a growth or financing strategy.

How a Contract CFO Helps Companies

Contract CFOs have extensive experience in high level corporate financial roles. A part-time CFO is not less impactful than a full-time one because of their years of experience.

Here are a few ways they help companies:

  • Provide high level financial strategy, systems analysis and operational optimization
  • Resolve challenges like cash flow issues
  • Implement more efficient systems

When to Hire an Outsourced CFO

There are many situations when a company would benefit from having an outsourced CFO including when a company:

Experiences growth like adding new products or expanding in new markets.

Needs to raise debt and equity capital by having the CFO attend meetings to establish expertise and negotiate terms.

Scales their systems to handle growth and added complexity such as sales or business systems.

Needs a financial forecast to help budget, restructure or analyze the company’s health.

Maximizes margins by having the CFO analyze costs and pricing structures.

Is evaluating an M&A transaction, from the planning and evaluation phase to business integration.

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