Custom Reporting

Our experienced team can conveniently and confidentally manage your financial information so you can focus on running your business.


We work with many clients in diverse industries including real estate, legal and investment. Every business has specific needs and we customize our services to meet their needs.

Our priority is to give you peace of mind by knowing you always have accurate financial data and are audit ready. We make sure your books are compliant with government regulations, bank lenders and private investors.

Our Custom Services

We also understand that most companies have reporting needs that go beyond the traditional financial statements. We work with our clients to understand their particular reporting needs (and we understand that these needs can evolve and change over time) so as to provide management with the information required to make key decisions.

Inventory tracking

We can efficiently track your inventory and prepare income statements. Our team will monitor your purchases, sold items and reconcile your accounts.

Financial trend analysis

A deep analysis of your company’s financial statement will reveal how it is performing. We usually look for trend lines including revenues, gross margins and debt.

Periodic cash flow statements

These statements show how money moves in and out of the business. We can produce monthly, quarterly or yearly statements depending on your preference.

Job costing

We can record the costs of a manufacturing job during the project and after completion. Construction, shipping and any industry that creates products often use job costing.

Software conversion

We will work with you to determine what your financial goals are and recommend the best software to use. We will collaborate with your team to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Write ups

A write-up is an increase made to the book value of an asset because its carrying value (based on the figures of a company’s balance sheet) is less than fair market value. This often happens if the initial asset value wasn’t properly recorded or if the earlier write down was too large.

Investor reports

Some of the key metrics investors want to see are net profit, customer acquisition costs and debt. We can help you track and present these metrics accurately so your investors can make informed decisions.

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